As Cybertron Turns

As Cybertron Turns was a bi-weekly web comic published on this website from January of 2003 until its conclusion in April of 2004. What began as a simple comic about Transformers toys and culture spiraled into something thoroughly different by the time of Episode 76. Due to space constraints, only the first 115 episodes are currently available. If anyone has 50 MB of space and would like to host a full archive of the old strips and supplemental features, please contact me at I still occasionally post tidbits about the comic in the
As Cybertron Turns Discussion Forum.

The Origin Story

EP 01 All my Autobots
EP 02 False Start
EP 03 Enter The Fred!
EP 05 Sweet Dreams and Transforming Machines...
EP 06 Waiting For Fredot
EP 07 Repair! Repair!

Would You Like Fries With That?

EP 08 Close Encounters of the Cybertronian Kind
EP 09 Value Meal DX
EP 10 The Secret Code
EP 11 McTorture
EP 12 Sauced
EP 13 Showdown

Attack of The Not-Even-Close-To-Being-A Unicron Wanna-Be!

EP 14 New Blood
EP 15 Auditions
EP 16 In the Hall of the Goblin King
EP 17 The Dark Grapple Saga
EP 18 A Brief Respite
EP 19 Farewell, Big Perm
EP 20 Born Again (Kinda')
EP 21 Against the Wall
EP 22 The Poseidon Plan
EP 23 Eye Contact

The Rise and Fall of Poseidonous Prime and the Insects From Cybertron

EP 24 Got Matrix?
EP 25 Another Evil Scheme
EP 26 Cliff Notes
EP 27 Goodbye, Convoy
EP 28 Another Evil Scheme (Continued)
EP 29 Hey Again, Convoy
EP 30 Arise, Poseidonous Prime
EP 31 A Star is Born
EP 32 Will The Real Prime Please Stand Up?
EP 33 Fredification
EP 34 'N Dysguise
EP 35 The Fall of Poseidonous Prime

The Matrix Resolded

EP 36 The Matrix Resolded
EP 37 Bad Phoenix Rising
EP 38 Who Dunnit?
EP 39 It's...It's...
EP 40 The Matrix Holder Revealed!
EP 41 The Alliance: Full Throttle
EP 42 Drippy Green Infringements

The Twinkie Store of Doom

EP 43 Aftermath
EP 44 The Twinkie Store of Doom
EP 45 Outpowered
EP 46 Goodbye Convoy (Revisited)
EP 47 Wings of Flame
EP 48 Friends Don't Let Goblins Fly While Picking Their Butts
EP 49 Dramatic Pause
EP 50 Regrouping
EP 51 The Survivors
EP 52 Debbie Does Snack Cakes
EP 53 See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Taste Me

Family Ties

EP 54 Oh Brother, There Art Thou
EP 55 Gentlemen, We Can Rebuild Him
EP 56 The Blind Repairing The Blind
EP 57 Re-Rebirth
EP 58 Man, I Feel Like A Woman
EP 59 Reunion
EP 60 When It Sucks, It Pours
EP 61 (Yet Another) Attack of the Not-Even-Close-To-Being-A Unicron Wanna-Be
EP 62 Bug Drops Are Falling On My Head
EP 63 Enter The Whoop-Ass
EP 64 Clash of the Titans
EP 65 The Omega Brat
EP 66 The Most Dangerous Game
EP 67 The Agony of Betrayal

The Not Particularly Canny Hogg-Men

EP 68 Daniel Complains a Whole Lot
EP 69 Daniel Gets Propositioned
EP 70 The Not Particularly Canny Hogg Men
EP 71 A Room With a View
EP 72 Power Computing
EP 73 Deja Vu
EP 74 Prime Problems
EP 75 Judgment Day

The Arc That Will Live On In Infamy

EP 76 And Now For The News...
EP 77 Commercial Break
EP 78 "To Serve Rice Krispies Treats"
EP 79 Conspiracy
EP 80 Poseidon on Parade
EP 81 He Died Serving His Country
EP 82 Conspiracy Theories
EP 83 A Noticable Absence
EP 84 The Lazarus Factor
EP 85 Cereal Killer

Night of the Living Photoshopped Images

EP 86 Fred 2004
EP 87 Notice of Eviction
EP 88 Violation
EP 89 Daniel's Friend
EP 90 A Little Song And Dance
EP 91 Pure, Unblemished Evil
EP 92 A Deal With The Devil
EP 93 Satanic Horror
EP 94 Man of Action!
EP 95 Satan Saves the Day
EP 96 The True Religion
EP 97 The True Religion p.2

ACT: A Space Odyssey

EP 98 Fred Tackles The Issues
EP 99 Lost In Space
EP 100 (A Less Than) Deadly Genesis!
EP 101 Pursued
EP 102 El Nave De Gato
EP 103 Be Our Guest!
EP 104 The Extinction Agenda
EP 105 First Blood
EP 106 The Origin Of Sexo De Gato
EP 107 Second Blood
EP 108 Bobimus
EP 109 The Plan
EP 110 The Details
EP 111 The Execution
EP 112 Lost In New Jersey
EP 113 Phoenix Power
EP 114 Act Of Vengeance
EP 115 Quoth The Phoenix

Quantum Belvador

EP 116 Side Tracked
EP 117 Pro-Death
EP 118 CX-IV, Revisited
EP 119 Quantum Belvador
EP 120 To Thine Own Self
EP 121 Leaping Ahead
EP 122 Bat Crisis
EP 123 Future Imperfect
EP 124 The Last Straw
EP 125 Bat To The Future
EP 126 London Calling
EP 127 All's Well That Ends Well
EP 128 Shakespeare's Johnson
EP 129 Time Bends

The End

EP 130 The Mind's Eye
EP 131 Crisis
EP 132 All Aboard
EP 133 Dude, You're Getting A Supercomputer (Or Three)
EP 134 Fear And Loathing In The Medical Bay
EP 135 Slow Repairs
EP 136 The Metamorphosis
EP 137 Prime Who?
EP 138 Xenocide
EP 139 The End - A Directory of Online Comics

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