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Aaaaand We're Back!

Great news! Rich over at the TF Media Archive has offered to take control of the Spacebridge and bring it back up to speed! No promises on new content from either Rich or myself (though neither is beyond the realm of possibility), but it's nice to know that all the old content is available for your perusal once again. Spacebridge2000 is now located at http://xoomer.alice.it/tvtmaster/index.html, though Rich is looking into ultimately reclaiming the old www.spacebridge2000.com url. Please update your browsers accordingly, and happy viewing!




08/16/07 (11:02 EST): As Cybertron Turns section has been revamped.

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As Cybertron Turns
Spacebridge2000's original web comic featuring Optimis Prime and his Ebay-Assembled Autobots. Will the evil "Fred" manage to stop them in their quest for the Sacred Twinkie?

Alternate Modes
An extensive image gallery of alternate transformation modes. Combine Omega Prime in three different ways, try Optimus Prime's original alternate Diaclone mode, or turn God Ginrai into a mobile transport!

The Gallery of Super-Rare Transformers Varients
A Gallery featuring photos and detailed descriptions of some amazing foreign Transformer varients. Check out the 9" tall Optimus Prime, 1.5 foot tall Brave Fire Dagwon, or the Autobot Colored Menasor giftset!

Robot Japan
An internet discussion message board devoted to Transformers, Diaclone, Chogokin, Brave, and just about every other cool robot toy series out there! Check it out. You know you want to.



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